Thursday, June 14, 2012

Up Up and Away!

So here it goes!

Somedays I find i have spent far too much time immersing myself into the life of another blogger or even the occasional reality star. In my mind, those are my Alexander Wang heels, It's me eating macaroons in a parisian cafe and even though Kanye is such a swag BF, the tormenting divorce between Kris Humphries and I is still the hardest thing i have faced! Crap! Then my computer dies, or the tv show has ended and I realise, nope that isn't me at all.

And the more that I grow to realise the contrast between my life and the life of those whom i am enthralled by, the more I ask myself are these lives we are continuously exposed to actually reality?
One of my best friends/room-mate has a running joke, if our lives were a reality program how crazy, dramatic and down right hilarious would it be? Although I relate so strongly to fellow bloggers in their passion for self expression, style and fashion, beyond this i feel withdrawn from the 'life' that they convey.

And though i lead a life filled with inspiration and expression, where fashion is at the forefront of my mind. Alongside the life of glamour and expression is a life of excitement, stupid moments, mayhem and all to often, embarrassments, all of which can not simply be ignored.

So here it goes, my wondrous, glamorous palace of a life that sometimes is just a little bit WILD!